Wondermat brand Interlocking Foam Puzzles and Mats

About Us

Popcorn International, Inc. is a privately held California Corporation formed in 1992. We have been leaders and pioneers in the foam mat industry since day one. When none of the big chains would touch our product back in the day, we went out and created our own distribution channel to consumers with over 60 mall-based kiosks, and when the Internet came along, we were the first foam mat company to be there, in 1995! You can expect innovation from us. Our business and sales office is located in Aliso Viejo, CA. We are best know for our premium quality Wondermat® brand interlocking foam puzzles and mats; with primary markets in Japan and the United States, where we run our own distribution and retail (Internet) operations.

First to Market - 1992
Our opening tag line: "If it doesn't say Wondermat®, you just have to wonder..."
First to Business - 1993
We started selling to Martial Arts businesses and companies doing Trade Shows from the beginning.
First in Global Branding - 1993
We opened the Japanese market to Wondermat® in 1993, and instantly had front row seats to two of the largest consumer markets on earth.
First to Internet - 1995
We dropped the brick & mortar and Kiosks and went 100% Internet very early!
First in Mat Colors
We have 15 standard colors that we make every day, but we can custom match any Pantone® or other color. We know our chemistry!
First in Mat Sizes & Thickness
We began with a modular, interconnecting 1, 2 and 3-foot tile system. 1-Meter Sport "Puzzle Mats" came in 1994 and Foam replaced the older, heavier tatami mats!
First in Mat Types
Standard foam mats in 1992. Carpeted foam mats in 1993. 3 thicknesses, 4 tile sizes of Sport tiles in 1994. Printed Foam Mats in 1998.
First in Innovation
Being first let us set the product standard for color, size, thicknesses and density. We pioneered the first Printed Foam Mats, and then improved them to create the long lasting, durable foam mats that exist today!