Welcome to Wondermat®

Thanks for stopping by! Our new site, and a whole range of new and exciting products are coming soon. We think you’re going to love it, so get on our mailing list and check our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates. Thank You!

We're Getting Ready!

It's been a long break for us, but we are working hard to get the new website up and running. We know we have disappointed many of our long-term customers by our absence after 20 years on the web, but the economics of oil and currency rates played a large role in our decision to stop selling directly to consumers and focus on our large business customers. With oil prices back down, and plenty of time to rethink how we've been doing business for the last 24 years, we are coming back with a new website solution that is designed to lower our prices significantly AND vastly expand the range of our online product offerings. It's a huge change, and it's going to be amazing! Thank you for your patience!