Who We Are

Popcorn International, Inc. is a privately held California Corporation formed in 1992. We have been leaders and pioneers in the foam mat industry since day one. When none of the big chains would touch our product back in the day, we went out and created our own distribution channel to consumers with over 60 mall-based kiosks, and when the Internet came along, we were the first foam mat company to be there, in 1995! You can expect innovation from us. Our business and sales office is located in Aliso Viejo, CA. We are best know for our premium quality Wondermat® brand interlocking foam puzzles and mats; with primary markets in Japan and the United States, where we run our own distribution and retail (Internet) operations.

Our primary manufacturing facilities are located in Taiwan, where we work with six long-term partner companies with hundreds of thousands of square feet of manufacturing space and hundreds of employees. Being involved in the foaming of sheet EVA and PE plastics and the fabrication that follows for more than 24 years, we have worked with almost every large scale foaming and foam fabricating company in Taiwan and China. We know this industry at it's source: The good, bad and ugly. By combining resources we have a tremendous capacity to deliver a wide range of foam products using the whole range of foam chemistry and fabrication techniques. We make a lot of different products, under a lot of different names, and a host of unbranded OEM "parts."

As some of the first kids to ever use our foam mat products begin leaving college and heading off to the real world, we can't tell you how fulfilling this has been. We thank you all for your continued support, and look forward to bringing you many great products in the years ahead.


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What We Do

A few pictures will say plenty about what we do, and the people and industries we have been serving for over 24 years.

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